The Square restaurant at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT brings back the best seafood buffet in Muang Thong Thani!

Ayutthaya River Prawns and incredibly tender Wagyu Beef

Presenting the freshest Ayutthaya River Prawns and incredibly tender Wagyu Beef for a mouthwatering buffet. Add a bit of surf and turf excitement to your weekends and join us at The Square Novotel Bangkok IMPACT!

Succulent River Prawns and Wagyu Beef 4 ways!

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT’s offers the freshest river prawns from Ayutthaya and the best seafood buffet at IMPACT! Showcasing not only the juiciest prawns, but also the highest quality of imported Wagyu Beef. Along with both highlights, the buffet guarantees a wide variety of dishes and explosions of flavour. Ayutthaya River Prawns are always a crowd-pleaser, not just for seafood lovers. Paired with beef, it is a simply irresistible combination! Wagyu is best known for the high degree of marbling and high percentage of unsaturated fat. It adds to the amazing depth of flavours, making it simply the best tasting beef there is. Enjoy this incredible meat in four delicious variations at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.

Amazing Wagyu Sushi Nigiri at IMPACT!

The first Wagyu preparation choice is grilled to perfection with Thai Nam Jim and fresh vegetables. The second highlights flavours of Japan with a mild maple-soy glaze. The fourth and most original is the Wagyu nigiri sushi where the meat is seared with a blow torch. Our Wagyu sushi is an absolute must try for incredible mild aromatic flavours. The final highlight is a gourmet Wagyu beef noodle soup.

In addition to river prawns and Wagyu beef, the buffet also includes a selection of seafood on ice with shrimp, mussels, snails, crab and all the flavours of the sea. Our chefs will make everyone’s mouth water with a wide range of hot Western and Asian dishes highlighting fish and meat, along with a noodle station and roast carving.

Diners can also expect salads to sashimi, soups, cold cuts and cheeses. For dessert, choose from a wide choice of treats including fruit skewers and a scrumptious chocolate fountain, cakes, Thai desserts and ice cream.

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THB 1,499 net per person.

Available on Saturday and Sunday brunch and dinner throughout July 2019

Accor Plus members receive additional 10% discount

 บุฟเฟ่ต์กุ้งแม่น้ำจากอยุธยาและเนื้อวากิวพรีเมียม! Included in this offer:

  • Ayutthaya River Prawns
  • Wagyu Beef 4 ways
  • Assorted seafood on ice
  • Carving station
  • Dim sum and noodles station
  • Salad bar and cheese board
  • Western and Asian hot dishes