Get ready for the upcoming Donburi Volcano promotion at Tsubohachi

Tsubohachi, a leading Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant from Hokkaido, Japan is about to roll out the “Donburi Volcano” promotion featuring an array of Japanese rice-bowl dishes. Enjoy a variety of superior ingredients such as salmon, shrimp tempura, and grilled Japanese eels, etc. topped on rice, accompanied with lava sauce and miso soup. There are six options for you to choose from: “Kakiage Volcano” packed with batter-fried mixed vegetables and Sakura Ebi, small shrimps imported from Japan, “Sanshoku Volcano” comprising three premium ingredients, including grilled Japanese eels, engawa, and salmon, “Ebi Tempura Volcano”, “Salmon Volcano”, “Engawa Volcano”, and “Unagi Volcano”. These delicious dishes are available from April 1 to June 30, 2021 at all branches of Tsubohachi (except The Portal branch), and for dining in only.

To make a reservation, please call 02-288-0098 or 064-184-7109. Stay connected via Facebook: TsubohachiTh and Instagram: TsubohachiTh and LINE:  @tsubohachith for latest updates from the restaurant.