Durian Festival with 5 special dishes

“Thonglor Thai Cuisine” pampers all durian lovers with the much-anticipated Durian Festival featuring mouthwatering recipes made with durian, which is dubbed the king of Thai fruits. This year, the restaurant is ready to delight you with 5 dishes that are meticulously prepared by the skillful head chef, Chef Thomas, who will select a delicious, well-balanced sweet Monthong durian that doesn’t have a strong smell, which is perfect for both savory and sweet dishes. Monthong durian is rich in antioxidants that strengthens the immune system and also provides many other health benefits.

Let’s indulge in 5 delicious durian dishes at Thonglor Thai Cuisine, with prices starting at 185 – 850 Baht, including the signature “Durian in Syrup” (485 Baht) – excellent grade of Monthong durian slow cooked in syrup until golden yellow, soft and chewy, served with rich coconut milk, “Sour Curry with Durian and Crab” (850 Baht) – the famous recipe from Chanthaburi province cooked with young durian, fine-quality crab from Bang Tabun district, spices and various Thai herbs, “Durian and Beef Massaman Curry” (575 Baht) – This version of the famous Thai Massaman Curry, which is ranked number 1 delicious dish in the world, is made with under ripe durian instead of potato and simmered with coconut milk to get the soft texture and pleasant aroma. This dish is usually served with ajad (sweet and sour cucumber dip), fresh roti, and rice crackers, “Durian in Coconut Milk” (185 Baht) – ripe durian simmered with coconut milk and palm sugar, adding young fragrant coconut meat to increase the aroma and the perfect salty-sweet taste accompanied with steamed sticky rice with coconut milk, and “Southern Stir-Fried Pork and Durian with Yellow Curry Paste” (455 Baht) – baby pork ribs stir-fried with yellow curry paste until fully absorbed and dried, then stir-fried under ripe durian with yellow curry paste to get the perfect scent; it is normally eaten with fresh vegetables.

Don’t miss out on trying these 5 delectable dishes for the Durian Festival at Thonglor Thai Cuisine which are available from May 10 until June 30, 2021. Thonglor Thai Cuisine is open daily from 10.30 AM to 9.00 PM for takeout and delivery only. To place an order, please contact the restaurant via LINE official account: @thonglorcuisine or call 02-000-4701 or 092-966-2563. Visit www.thong-lor.com and stay connected with the restaurant on Facebook: thonglorcuisine, Instagram: thonglorcuisine, and LINE: @thonglorcuisine for more information, latest updates and promotions. Another new channel is now available for you to update on craftsmanship through Instagram: Sri.thonglor.