Flashback: May – Jun 2020

IMPACT resumes its business at full capacity to accommodate small and large events within its area of over 140,000 sq.m. with smartness on top of safety as concept of the new normal to build customer confidence


Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director at IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and the executive of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, announced the full reopening of IMPACT after the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) allowed Phase 4 of reopening for the MICE industry. However, the safety and preventive measures still need to be followed strictly as the nature of this business group includes large gatherings. Social distancing and customer density control must be practiced along with good sanitation and hygiene to ensure public safety.

During the 3-month closure, IMPACT has implemented precautionary and preventive measures to sanitize the area in consistence with the guidelines and regulations of the government for exhibition and convention centers. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, certain conditions need to be followed, such as  4 square meters of space per person for meetings, trainings or seminars, 1 meter of standing/sitting spaces for parties, product launches, contests and sports competitions, and 5 square meters of space per person for music events or concerts.

IMPACT has also prepared guidelines to inform customers and visitors of the latest practices under the new normal conditions in 7 different areas: IMPACT We Care, Meeting & Convention, Party, Exhibition, Examination, Wedding, and Concert. Each guideline will provide customers with safe practices of activities in the service areas based on the recommendations from the government, public health sectors, and other related agencies such as Thai Exhibition Association (TEA) and Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

“Today we are ready to resume our business at full swing under the new normal conditions with the concept of smartness on top of safety. With the area of over 140,000 sq.m., IMPACT is considered the largest convention center in Southeast Asia that can facilitate any sizes of events in the new normal of business. In addition, we have adopted useful innovations to help tackle the safety issue by using the mobile Germ Saber UVC Sterilizer, developed by the NSTDA in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, to sanitize the whole area. Besides, we also use touchless elevator control panel or MagikTuch, another invention that is developed by NSTDA, to avoid cross-infection and thus reinforce safety measures. These innovations truly highlight IMPACT’s concept of smartness on top of safety for our customers.”

Apart from the above innovations, IMPACT also offers a smart feature for customers by investing in the hybrid meeting or visual seminar system. Following the government policy of crowd density control of 4 meters per person, the number of meeting participants will inevitably decrease. However, with the hybrid system, the participants can be physically present in the meeting room or register and join the meeting online. By doing so, all the participants can communicate and participate in the meeting as if they were in the same room. Such system can accommodate 100-3,000 participants at the same time. Besides the technological facilities, e.g. cameras and other meeting equipment, technical staff will also be present to provide assistance from start to finish to save customers the hassle of acquiring the system and support themselves. Recently, IMPACT invited the event organizers both in the public and private sectors to visit and test the system and received a lot of positive feedback.