IMPACT Speed Park was proud to be the host venue for an extravagant launch by Mercedes Benz Thailand of no less than five new luxury sportscar models here.

Utilizing the dynamic capabilities of our racetrack the five dashing new cars zipped around the track to the backdrop of dry ice, pumping sounds and banks of flashing lights with giant screens carrying every detail of the unfolding action to the more than two hundred media and VIPs invited to attend by Mercedes.

As the quintet strutted their stuff they were then accompanied by the rest of the AMG range in a spectacular showcase that saw all the cars finish up (จบลง) in formation on the track.
AMG is, of course, the high-performance brand of Mercedes Benz, the clear leader in Thailand’s premium car segment, so it’s entirely appropriate that these beautiful paragons of speed and luxury were able to show what they’re made of on our track.

The five new AMG models to take a bow at IMPACT Speed Park comprised of the locally built AMG C43 4MATIC as well as the imported E53 4MATIC+, AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ 4 door coupe, its bigger engined brother, the AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4 door coupe, and finally the show stealing AMG G 63 – the glittering pumped up version of the iconic G Wagen instantly surrounded by the media as soon as the show finished and the cars were made available for viewing.

The action unfolding at IMPACT Speed Park was supported by the technical introduction of the cars to the media in the ambience of the Lakeside’s Breeze Restaurant while catering taking place on the waterfront.

“We were very pleased that Mercedes Benz Thailand chose IMPACT Speed Park and IMPACT Lakeside for such a spectacular and important car launch where they had no less than five models making their debut and the Thai media in attendance,” said Ms. Piyathida Thurachon, IMPACT Director of Leisure & Entertainment. “For us it was a really great experience to see how our facility can perfectly respond to the needs of such an exciting and dynamic event from a brand as prestigious as Mercedes Benz.”