Bangkok International Motor Show sets the spotlight on future cars and bikes

มอเตอร์ โชว์

First staged in 1979, The Bangkok International Motor Show is recognized as the oldest and the largest motor show in Thailand, and this year will mark the 42nd edition of the show, held under the theme of “Shaping the Next Chapter” where the motor show’s organizers are pushing the envelope to ensure the safety and wellness of visitors are in place.

Pivoting toward fundamental shifts to a new normal way of life and prepared in accordance with social distancing and good hygiene by setting preventive measures in conformity with the government regulations, the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show not only promises to deliver the development of technology innovations from each automaker but also stimulates economic growth.

Spanning upwards of the 60,000-square-meter Challenger 1-3, the show will showcase concepts, supercars, crossovers, sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, convertibles, pickups, and motorcycles.

Japanese and European automobile manufacturers along with well-known motorcycle brands will make their national debut here and offer ample opportunities for attendees to experience, first hand, notable new vehicles and concept cars.

While hundreds of new cars are being exhibited on the show floor, EVs and Hybrids will surely draw huge attention from the press and the public. From a consumer perspective, we want to see what the future of smart electric cars will bring in terms of performance, reliability, costs of maintenance, battery life span, resale value, and most importantly repairs and services by independent mechanics.

Imagine that you’re in the middle of nowhere, let’s say in the mountains or in a location with weak cell phone signal, and your electric car sadly stops running. You’re told that there’s a local car repair shop. You call them up to get their assistance. 30 minutes later a mechanic shows up but can’t fix it! The main point is that not all mechanics are well trained and have the experience and equipment needed to service your smart car. They may or may not be able to diagnose and repair the hybrid cars because of a lack of experience, the sensitivity of the hybrid battery, and all little pieces of complicated equipment.

Nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance will definitely increase buying tendency of serious buyers who have longed for owning a hybrid vehicle as well as more service centers in the suburbs.

The 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show, set for March 24-April 4, 2021, is the premier automobile event that will help demystify fears related to EV ownership and allow consumers to gain first-hand experience while learning more about electric cars as well as their benefits.